The concept

17 secret hotels joined 

17 boutique hotels in Colombia come together to offer unique experiences for the lovers of responsible travel, those seeking to discover the best-kept secrets, and those ready to enjoy places that have stories and leave memories and teachings to share.

Together, we support the same purpose, inspiring our clients to find journeys through the national territory, remember the warmth and hospitality of our people, support our communities, and raise awareness about social and environmental responsibility when traveling. For this, we have joined forces and thus offer experiences woven with the soul in our country's treasures. 


We have unified criteria to create a biosafety protocol that covers the operation of all the hotels that participate in this initiative, and thus give tranquility to travelers so that they can enjoy these beautiful sites with the best privacy and tranquility that offer each of these beautiful places. 

We hope that this unique collection of hotels connects Colombians' emotions with each of us's services and experiences.

Good trip, we will take care of you, thank you for choosing us!