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Cafe & Montañas

Hacienda Bambusa 5.jpg
Bambusa hotel de lujo en quindio

Hacienda Bambusa is a hidden gem surrounded by the enormous mountains of the Central Andes Mountains, centenary trees, and gardens. An 8-room boutique hotel ideal for resting and exploring the coffee region.

The Bambusa Experience has been carefully conceived as an immersion in the local culture, framed in its landscapes and the warmth of its people.


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Carolina Uribe


 +57 (300) 778 8897



Experiencia de cortesia:

Tour a las plantaciones de cacao de la finca

Glamping de lujo en caldas

El Nido del Condor Ecolodge is a small island located on a plateau surrounded and isolated by two rivers in the middle of the Andean mountains. In the heart of Caldas nearby Los Nevados National Park. It is home to one of the last couples of condors in the region and more than 200 species of birds and different animals.

Contacto Manuela.JPG

Contact us

Manuela Escobar.


+57 3113677739



Experiencia de cortesia:

Visita al nido de condores

Hotel de Lujo en Antioquia

Cannúa is an exclusive hotel immersed in nature, located in the heart of the Colombian Andes mountains.

We feature a gourmet kitchen and panoramic views. At Cannúa, our DNA is formed around our commitment to sustainability and our community.


Contact us

Santiago Giraldo Diaz


(311) 609-9237



Experiencia de cortesia:

Visita al nido de condores

Cabaña jr. suite interior 2.jpeg
Hotel de lujo en risaralda

Your home, in the heart of the coffee region. Just five minutes from the urban area of Pereira. There is a place surrounded by nature, birds, friendliness, comfort, well-being and good cuisine. Discover this magical region with us. In Sazagua the doors will always be open for you.

Daniel Restrepo.jpg

Contact us

Daniel Restrepo Orozco

(57) 313-649-4579

(57) (6) 337-9895



Experiencia de cortesia:

Visita al nido de condores

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-10 at 3.26.27 PM.

Mountains & coffee

SLIDE 8.jpg
Hotel de lujo barichara

Casa Barichara Boutique hotel was dreamt and built to be a place of rest and inspiration. It was created for those who enjoy history and heritage, wellness tourism, local gastronomy and outdoor activities.


Contact us

Jorge y Maria Elvira

3125865451 - 3103294380



Vista de la Fachada y Calle.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-18 at 11.36.12 AM
hotel de lujo en barichara

Casa Yahri far from being a hotel, it is a place that welcomes you as your summer home during the days you visit Barichara.

At Casa Yahri we believe in authentic and immersive travel experiences. To achieve this, travelers must feel part of the town and not just experience it as a passing tourist. There is no better way to achieve this than to live a few days in a private villa, become a "yellow-patter", and explore while enjoying the activities that the region offers.


Contact us

Camila Castaño


(318) 659 5074


Hotel de lujo en mompox

The San Rafael Hotel is a 17th-century colonial house located on the corner of the Santa Barbara plaza in the historic center of Mompos.

After decades of abandon, we have lovingly restored San Rafael after a meticulous intervention project of 5 years. We have preserved the original spaces, renovating them whilst remaining faithful to the colonial authenticity of the building and offer our guests the comforts of the 21st century.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-07 a la(s) 9.34.48 a. m..png

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Sea & History

Hotel de lujo en baru

Las Islas Hotel, located in Barú Cartagena, offers the possibility of staying in one of its 56 bungalows; 23 of those are at sea level and 33 are located amongst treetops with views to the sea or to internal gardens and our sailing boathouse.


Las Islas is an inclusive and sustainable project which provides opportunities to the local population and taking care of the environment as our main goals. We offer three restaurants, three bars, a cafe,  freshwater pool, nautical sports center, spa, gymnasium, solarium, astronomical observatory, handicrafts shop, and the hospitality and quality standards that characterize “The Leading Hotels of the World.” 


Contact us

Johanna Yepes


+57 1 3442704



Foto institucional VILLA PLAYA.jpg
Hotel de lujo en Tayrona

Tucked away by the river-mouth where Rio Piedra meets the Caribbean Sea, rests Villa Playa Tayrona, a luxury hotel boutique with an atmosphere that you will not soon forget.

Located just 2 kilometers from the main entrance of Tayrona National Park and only 30km from the city of Santa Marta, Villa Playa Tayrona provides plenty of activities in the vicinity while maintaining a privileged and private experience in the hotel itself.

Villa Playa Tayrona is the ideal location for people looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the river, the sea, and all the gardens surrounding the hotel. 

Villa Playa Tayrona is a newly constructed hotel which has six suites. Each suite has both a king-sized bed as well as a single bed.


Contact us

Astrid Carolina Herrera


322 771 4381


Hotel de lujo en Cartagena

Quadrifolio operates in a 17th century colonial residence restored to unique luxury standards. It is located inside the walled city of Cartagena de Indias, a few steps from all the historical, culinary, and touristic magic of the city.

Between our social areas, two large lounges, terraces, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, are located our 8 exclusive suites which were designed to make the Quadrifolio experience unique and unforgettable.

IMG_9804 (1).jpg

Contact us

Edna Catheryne Montañez P.


Celular y/o WhatsApp : +300 462 3529


Copia de IMG_9224.jpg
Captura de Pantalla 2020-12-10 a la(s) 3
Hotel de lujo en Cartagena

You will experience a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere in this authentic boutique hotel, which was re imagined to keep the colonial heritage intact within three beautiful white houses that compose it.

Casa San Agustin, Janice Gomez.tiff

Contact us

Janice Gomez Moreno


Tel: (5) 6810067

Cel: 3215189358


Copia de IMG_1148.jpg

Selva & Rios

Hotel de lujo en Amazonas

To enjoy an experience of the Amazon rainforest with ample comfort, to emerge yourself in the most biodiverse jungle in the world, to receive its aromas, taste its flavors, listen to its song, and to connect with. the essence of being, we invite you to our exclusive jungle hotel. Calanoa rests at the shores of the great Amazon river and our eight private cabins are enveloped by the jungle.


Contact us

Marlene de Samper


350 316 72 10


Birding-Mocagua Lagoon.jpg
Hotel de lujo en caño cristales

La Manigua Lodge is a perfect place to connect with nature while discovering one of Colombia's hidden jewels; the national park Sierra de La Macarena and Caño Cristales. We organize tours for you to visit all the beautiful spots the national park has to offer.


Contact us

Juan Pablo Bueno


+57 314 756 9808


Hotel de lujo en Bahia solano

EL ALMEJAL is an ecotourism project founded in 1982, which offers nature and adventure experiences in one of the most biodiverse places on earth.

Our Ecolodge and Natural Reserve is located on the Pacific Coast of Colombia just where the rainforest meets the ocean.  We are experts at offering a balance between the use of natural resources and an unforgettable travel experience.

In our reserve, you will be surrounded by the songs of exotic birds and by a lavish verdant world of a warm and fragrant rainforest.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-06-29 a la(s) 11.30.45 p. m..png

Contact us

Sara Vargas Isaza


+57  320 674 6023


playa-con-rocas (1).jpg

Jungle & Rivers

Patio del Mundo-131.jpg
Hotel de lujo en Medellin

Two charming villas located in the heart of Medellin, 13 rooms designed with unique local artcraft and modern facilities, a lush tropical garden with enchanting views to nature, each room has a character of its own evoking precious places from around the world.


Contact us

Agnes Garcia.


+57 (4) 557 4600



Patio del Mundo-89.jpg
Foto 1 (Fachada 1).JPG.jpg
Hotel de lujo en Medellin

"We believe in the greatness of fine arts to create memorable experiences.  Our Colombian roots inspire us to transform the traditional into luxury experiences, using each of the senses to elevate the soul to Elcielo"


Contact us

Alejandro Correa B. 


+(57) 304 336 1355


www. elcielohotel.com

Foto 27 (ZC 3).JPG.jpg
Foto 14 (Luxury 2).JPG.jpg
Habitación Suite Superior - Alko Casa Níspero (3).jpg
Hotel de lujo en Cali

The boutique hotel Alko Hotel Casa Níspero is the best kept secret in Cali, an oasis in the heart of the city.


Each suite has an exclusive setting and design, with unique pieces of art, the warmth and luxury of them that will make you feel at home.


The combination of our colonial and contemporary modernist architectural style, our magical garden, the restaurant's local gastronomy, and our team focused on providing excellent service, will allow you to live an experience of luxury, comfort, and unforgettable in the capital of salsa.


Contact us


Terminos y Condiciones

Secretos de Colombia is not a travel agency, nor a central reservation. Each hotel is responsible for its reservations, rates, and terms and conditions. Please contact the hotel you wish to book to receive this information. 

Each hotel member of "Secretos de Colombia" complies with Colombian legislation.

Calanoa RNT 22861

Cannúa RNT 77138

Casa Barichara RNT 39075

Casa Yahri RNT 74003

Las Islas RNT 52843

La Manigua RNT 44619

Casa San Agustin RNT 35285

Quadrifolio RNT 12122

Hacienda Bambusa RNT 74003

Sazagua RNT 29976

Villa Playa Tayrona RNT 85123

El Nido del Cóndor RNT 62018

El Almejal RNT 4309

El Cielo RNT 88645

Patio del Mundo RNT 45577

Casa Nispero RNT 77805

San Rafael Mompox RNT 75034